Lecia Kaslofsky

Founder and CEO, 20 yrs domain expertise – professional services & software. #1 fan of FactBox.

San Francisco, CA

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New Key Date Styles

FactBox Key Date features have arrived! We're excited to announce new key date options on FactBox. Now you can add Key Dates in the following formats: On a Date Before a Date After a Date Between Dates For all of the above you can still enter Dates as broad as… Read More

FactBox Member Spotlight: Velton • Zegelman

Who uses FactBox in their practice and how? Next up in our "FactBox Member Spotlight" series, we speak with Daniel Velton of Velton • Zegelman in Silicon Valley. What type of law do you primarily practice? Plaintiff’s employment litigation Tell us the story of your firm. Who are you? We’… Read More

FactBox Member Spotlight: Broedlow Lewis LLP

In this new blog series, we're excited to interview lawyers about their work and how FactBox fits into their practice. For the first of these "FactBox Member Spotlight" features, we speak with Jeff Lewis of Broedlow Lewis LLP in Southern California. What type of law do you primarily practice? We… Read More

New FactBox and Clio Integration

We are ecstatic to announce that lawyers who manage their law practice with Clio can now integrate their case work directly in FactBox. Create an efficient and powerful litigation practice with the integration of FactBox and Clio. FactBox automatically syncs with Clio matters in three important ways: 1) All Matters… Read More

Connect your FactBox and Clio Accounts

Do you have an existing FactBox account and want to integrate it with Clio? Please follow these two additional steps -- before and after -- to make sure the integration goes smoothly: Before You Integrate: Rename your FactBox Cases IMPORTANT: PLEASE RE-NAME FACTBOX CASES TO THE NAME OF THE CORRESPONDING… Read More

Making of a Public Case: Syed, FactBox and Syed's Lawyer

The Action What is a “public” FactBox case and why did we make one? We have videos, demos and sample cases available, but the true magic of FactBox happens when you see new revelations and connections from the facts in your case with the click of a button. Who knew… Read More

ABA TECHSHOW: FactBox Showcased at Evolve Law Event 3/15

FactBox is honored to be included in the special Evolve Law event to coincide with the ABA TECHSHOW this year in Chicago: Legal Tech Innovators Showcase March 15 @ 4:30pm - 8:30pm Join us in this special pre-TECHSHOW event featuring thirty of the hottest new legal tech companies to… Read More

Artificial Intelligence = The “Doom” of Lawyers?

Google “Will AI replace lawyers?” and you will find scores of articles written in 2015 about how artificial intelligence ("AI") will supplant lawyers. I’d wager that 2015 was a turning point in the conversation about legal automation. IBM released its APIs for Watson a year ago, and in 2015… Read More

Blasting into the Now: Lawyers are Looking for Change

Lawyers are doing more searches for legal software... and they are doing it on their phones. A November 2015 Google report provided directly to FactBox revealed some interesting insights on lawyers and their interest in legal technology: Searches for Legal Software are Up: Search queries for "Legal Software" in 3rd… Read More

The Unseen Updates at FactBox

It may seem like FactBox has been quiet for the past couple months. Here's an update about what we've been up to: Here at FactBox we like releasing new features regularly. We also take great care to continually improve existing functionality in ways that are unseen. FactBox has been on… Read More

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