New FactBox Leadership

Today I have exciting news to share with the FactBox community. Factbox is undergoing a transition in leadership.

FactBox was launched in 2014 as fact-management software and stands today as an industry leading tool for litigators. No other company focuses exclusively on solving the problem of organizing facts and evidence to win your case. FactBox’s user friendliness, speed, and focus on solving this core workflow problem is unmatched. I am proud to have co-founded this company, brought this product to market, and served so many amazing customers over the past six years.

FactBox deserves increased investment and attention which will ensure it remains the  industry standard for fact management. It’s time to pass the torch to a new team that will make the growth of FactBox a primary focus. We worked for months leading up to this transition to make sure FactBox is in good hands moving forward. Meet Bryan and Dan…

My image

Bryan and Dan have extensive experience in scaling software products, serving customers virtually, and delivering an incredible user experience both in product and in service. They have big plans to invest in FactBox’s growth. I will be working closely with both of them to ensure a smooth and seamless transition for all FactBox users.

As this transition unfolds, do not expect dramatic immediate changes. Both Bryan and Dan will be using this time to gather information, listen to your needs, and build a growth plan fueled by you, the users of FactBox. I’m asking you to please help them in any way you can as they pour their energy into this exciting time for FactBox.

The best way to reach out is with the email

In 2020, the need for a product like FactBox is greater than ever. As the world of litigation moves increasingly digital, I expect Bryan and Dan’s involvement in FactBox to accelerate its growth. With your support, this will benefit FactBox, you as users of FactBox, and the broader litigation world as a whole. I’m excited for what’s in store and I hope you are too!

-Lecia Kaslofsky

CEO and Co-founder, Lynx Workflow