New Key Date Styles

FactBox Key Date features have arrived!

We're excited to announce new key date options on FactBox. Now you can add Key Dates in the following formats:

  • On a Date
  • Before a Date
  • After a Date
  • Between Dates

For all of the above you can still enter Dates as broad as a year and as specific as down to the second. The new format looks like this:

You can use natural language like "Before January 2013" or keystrokes like "< Jan 2013" or whatever feels most natural to you!

Two additional features in this release:

  1. The day of week that corresponds to the date you enter will be automatically generated. This is helpful for showing weekday vs. weekend activity for example.

  2. Tabbing is now activated in the Add Fact window. This will allow you to tab through each field rather than click through to each field. Now you can tab from Title to Date to Content.

Enjoy and, as always, we welcome your feedback and update ideas!