FactBox Member Spotlight: Velton • Zegelman

Who uses FactBox in their practice and how? Next up in our "FactBox Member Spotlight" series, we speak with Daniel Velton of Velton • Zegelman in Silicon Valley.

Daniel Velton

What type of law do you primarily practice?

Plaintiff’s employment litigation

Tell us the story of your firm. Who are you?

We’re a Bay Area firm started by BigLaw refugees. Since inception the firm has grown to multiple offices, a tight-knit and experienced team of attorneys, and has handled a number of high-profile cases around the Bay Area.

How has FactBox benefited your practice?

Cases have lots of moving parts: facts, witnesses, documents. FactBox helps us organize the evidence in meaningful ways.

What makes your firm unique?

We’re a multilingual bunch: 7 languages in our small firm.

Why use fact-management software at all?

It’s hard to present a case clearly if you don’t think about it clearly. Software can help organize evidence in a way that gives perspective and clarity.

Thanks Dan!

More information about Velton • Zegelman at www.vzfirm.com/employment.
Twitter: @danvelton

Velton Zegelman