Story of One Litigator who Rescued his Firm, Part 2

This is the story of how one litigator rescued his firm from the costs, risks and paperwork of managing the facts/evidence in his case...

"When you're a small firm running dozens of cases, you don't have the resources -- or the time -- to be chasing down key case facts you know exist somewhere or getting new staff up to speed. I got used to the pain, but now that I run cases with FactBox I wil never go back."

Chris Harris is a partner in a small law firm whose majority of work is litigation. In these blog posts we'll see how FactBox has made a significant impact on his firm.

In the last post we saw how Chris went from Copying Facts to Making Facts Work. This week:

#2: From Last-Minute Scrambles to Total Control

For Chris and his busy practice, it seemed like "crunch time" happened every day. As soon as one motion was filed, the next deadline was upon him. Moving from one case deadline to another required superhuman memory, which Chris generally had, but also involved a lot of wasted time tracking down bits of information and reorganizing it all for the task at hand. A seemingly simple memo would turn into an all day -- and all night -- affair.

Now with FactBox, key case information is always exactly where it needs to be. FactBox has all the information in the case organized by Issue, by Timeline, by Source document, by Contributor, by Date...however needed, ready for the task at hand.

No more scrambles. Total control.

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Coming next week... Part 3: From painful transitions to easily bringing people up to speed.

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