Story of One Litigator who Rescued his Firm, Part 3

This is the story of how one litigator rescued his firm from the costs, risks and paperwork of managing the facts/evidence in his case...

"When you're a small firm running dozens of cases, you don't have the resources -- or the time -- to be chasing down key case facts you know exist somewhere or getting new staff up to speed. I got used to the pain, but now that I run cases with FactBox I will never go back."

Chris Harris is a partner in a small law firm whose majority of work is litigation. In these blog posts we'll see how FactBox has made a significant impact on his firm.

In the last post we saw how Chris went from last-minute scrambles to total control. This week:

#3: From painful transitions to easily bringing people up to speed.

At Chris' small firm, every person involved in the case played a crucial role. As cases roll on for months, often years: attorneys are reassigned; paralegals go back to school; maternity/paternity leave beckons.

"The worst part," said Chris, "is not necessarily saying goodbye... it's bringing the new person up to speed." Everyone has their own organization methods, and usually the most important information was locked in their heads.

Now with FactBox, all the key information -- from everyone on the case -- is in one place. Most importantly, FactBox allows you to view each team member's work with the click of the button. What was Joan working on? Click. I see. What documents did Patrick already review and what were his notes? Click. Got it.

No more painful, costly transitions. New team members already working. Check.

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