Story of One Litigator who Rescued his Firm, Part 1

This is the story of how one litigator rescued his firm from the costs, risks and paperwork of managing the facts/evidence in his case...

"When you're a small firm running dozens of cases, you don't have the resources -- or the time -- to be chasing down key case facts you know exist somewhere or getting new staff up to speed. I got used to the pain, but now that I run cases with FactBox I wil never go back."

Chris Harris is a partner in a small law firm whose majority of work is insurance-defense litigation. In the next three weeks, we'll look at three ways FactBox has made a significant impact on his firm.

#1: From Copying Facts to Making Facts Work

When Chris had to review hundreds of pages of claim documents and medical records, he and his associates would copy key sections -- that's if the document had been OCR'd -- or else print out key page and use sticky-notes to annotate the important facts in the documents. Months later, those copied pages and annotations would become buried with all the other paper in the case files.

Now with FactBox, Chris and his associates still review the hundreds of pages of claim documents and medical records but get so much more for that time investment. Their initial process of noting key facts is the same, but instead of static notes they get:

  1. Facts accessible by (a) legal issue, (b) expert name, (c) key date, (d) person who did the research, (e) date research was done, and more...

  2. A central place where everyone's notes are secure and readily accessible anytime and anywhere.

  3. Reliable and secure data for entire life of the case.

And now Chris is seen as the HERO of his firm!

Coming next week... Part 2: From Last-Minute Scrambles to Total Control

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