Where'd my billable time go?

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FactBox recently surveyed a random sampling of U.S.-based litigators, and asked the following:

graph of lost billables

In the $300-$500 per hour catagory, that 11 hours wasted per week is a massive $286,000 lost every year to unproductive, repetitive work. What is taking up all that time?

We asked these same litigators “What’s the biggest block to your efficient billable time?”

Some answers were:

“Lack of organization. Not being able to find documents. Searching for the same information over and over again.”

“Getting the team up to speed with the facts of the case, and getting caught up in real time”

“Integrating information from multiple sources into one place”, “paralegals who cannot follow directions” and “mis-filing”.

And our favorite from one litigator who had never heard of FactBox:

“It's difficult to pull things together from different platforms / sources. What I really need is something like a document review software but that can be applied to every document I deal with, regardless of source, so I can add notes/ comments, etc. and not end up with multiple versions and formats of the same document.”

Do these number look familiar? How many hours do you spend repeating case work?

Find out how FactBox is reducing wasted time, optimizing billable hours, maximizing practice efficiency.