Evernote for Lawyers?

When we demo’d FactBox at the Women 2.0 conference last spring, more than one lawyer stopped by the FactBox booth and said some variation of the following:

Lawyer: Oh this reminds me of Evernote! I use Evernote for my legal work.

Us: Really? How do get your notes out of Evernote and in use?

Lawyer: Easy! I have two computer screens on my desk. On one screen I have my notes open and on the other I type the notes into a Word doc.

Wow. That’s not good! We at FactBox love Evernote for storing bits of info we accumulate throughout the day. But for the hierarchical organization that’s needed for complex legal cases and projects – not so good!

FactBox has the ease-of-use that makes Evernote attractive and it was designed specifically for the needs of litigation and other fact-intensive projects. Not only is FactBox an easy way to store ideas/facts/notes, FactBox provides case-analysis tools and – best of all – a one-click report generation function that puts your facts directly into a Word doc organized exactly how you like it.
Fast, easy, collaborative.

Dear Lawyer Using Evernote: Email us at sales@lynxworkflow.com and we’ll give you two hours of professional services gratis to personally port an Evernote case to FactBox and show you a real side-by-side comparison.

You’ll love what you see.