Evan Paschke

UX Development Lead at Lynx Workflow

San Francisco, CA

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Introducing Member Roles

We're excited to announce a fundamental shift in how to manage teams in FactBox. FactBox has created Administration privileges on an account level. Now from one central place, the administrator(s) on your account can add and remove account members and assign them roles as Contributor or Admin. Adding contributors… Read More

Introducing Multiple "View By" Filters

FactBox is ecstatic to announce the release of a new way to organize and view the facts in your case. Now, when you want to narrow down a set of facts in view, simply add an additional filter in the View By bar. This short clip will show you how:… Read More

Fact Bookmarks: Link Directly to PDF Pages

FactBox just added a new feature! Now you can link directly to a certain page within a PDF, we call it 'Fact Bookmarks.' Here's how: In the Add Fact or Edit Fact window, click the ‘+’ icon on the right side of a PDF source. This will prompt you to… Read More

LitigationWorld Gives FactBox an "A"

LitigationWorld invited litigator Joshua Auriemma to review FactBox. He started by admitting: "In full candor, I was skeptical." FactBox won him over with its "unparalleled on-the-fly flexibility" and "extremely polished" features. Read his full review, including a description of how he used FactBox in his case, by clicking below. Read… Read More

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