Introducing Member Roles

We're excited to announce a fundamental shift in how to manage teams in FactBox.

FactBox has created Administration privileges on an account level. Now from one central place, the administrator(s) on your account can add and remove account members and assign them roles as Contributor or Admin. Adding contributors to cases remains the same - fast and easy. The shift allows additional controls to administer the account.

This video gives an overview of the new roles and functionality:

Members of your account may be given the Contributor or Admin role. Both Contributors and Admins may create cases and join cases to which they are invited. Admins may manage account settings and members.

The account creator receives the initial Admin role.

Admins may add members by clicking the “Add” button in the Members section of the account page. Invited members will receive a link to join by email.

A member’s role may be changed by selecting another role from the dropdown next to the member.

Admins may also remove members from the account by clicking “Remove” next to a member. Removing a member will revoke their access to the account and any cases within the account.

The admin role is designed for your account members who manage the billing, integrations or members. The contributor role is designed for everyone else in your account.

For more info, check out our help page.

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