The Unseen Updates at FactBox

It may seem like FactBox has been quiet for the past couple months. Here's an update about what we've been up to:

Here at FactBox we like releasing new features regularly. We also take great care to continually improve existing functionality in ways that are unseen.

FactBox has been on the market more than a year now. Our customers' cases are growing in enormousness. Our litigators have cases with thousands to tens of thousands of facts, sources and increasingly complicated organization. The great news is FactBox is growing with them.

Architectural Optimization
During the past couple months we have been restructuring how facts are delivered to your screen. We are ecstatic to announce that the results of that restructuring will be released today.

You likely won't notice any changes on most of your cases. On your largest cases you should see an enhanced delivery of your facts when you re-sort or re-filter.

Additionally, we are introducing "pagination," which means that rather than all facts being delivered to your screen at once, they are released as you need them. For the first time when you scroll down, you'll see a notification that FactBox is "Loading More Facts." The effect will be negligible for small cases and hugely beneficial for big cases.

Another update is that the sort and filters you had in place will persist for you regardless of whether another contributor on the case changes the sort/filter options. Centralized information; personalized view.

Generating a Memo or Table will remain the same.
Generating a Table or Memo remains guided by your selection criteria and not related to the pagination structure. Hiding facts will persist through different sort options just as it previously did. You can also still scroll down and browse the entire document before clicking on Generate. Big changes on the back end; no effect on generating work product on the front end.

Why Bother?
FactBox is an evolving app, whether we’re adding new features, tweaking old ones, or just improving the design. As we grow to fit our customers' evolving needs, we strive to increase FactBox's functionality without disrupting what makes FactBox great.

Your continued feedback guides our evolution. Here at FactBox, we believe the new fact-delivery structure being released today will be a big improvement to the existing functionality. Let us know how it works for you!