Spring Cleaning: A New Design for FactBox

What’s Happening

To us, FactBox is a live product and we continually strive to improve how it works for you. Lately, we been especially focused on simplicity. The urge to simplify has touched everything we do: how new people learn to use FactBox, how our customers view and analyze their facts and even how we structure billing plans for firms of all sizes.

Now, we’re excited to announce a new design and interface for FactBox. FactBox has always focused on making it easier for litigators to tell the stories of their cases. The facts are the key ingredients of the story, but the work of a skilled litigator is to pull those facts together into a gourmet meal that proves his or her case. This redesign brings that idea front and center.

What’s actually different in my workflow?

While this redesign is significant for the future of FactBox, we’ve made sure it has a minimal effect on you in the present. Our goal was that the only change you really notice is how much easier FactBox is on your eyes after a daylong work session. We left as much as we could unmoved, but there are a few minor tweaks we wanted to point out.

Add Fact

One of the places where the new design really shines is the new Add Fact window. It’s been remade as an index card that keeps all of your information for your fact directly in front of you. The new Add Fact window doesn’t have separate tabs for “Sources” and “Tags” – we moved the options to select those to the bottom of the card, just below your content. Clicking “Set Sources” or “Set Tags” will bring up the appropriate menu inside the window just as before.

If you’re looking to add a fact bookmark to your PDF documents so that your source opens to just the right page, hover over the source make the ever-helpful + icon appear.

Rearranging Issues is Simpler

Decided you want to rearrange the issues in your case? No need to grab the far left corner anymore. Anytime an issue is gray, you’ve selected it and you can drag it to change its order. If you change an issue, click to bring up icons to rename, delete, and add a new sub-issue, respectively.

![A view of the updated issues modal](/content/images/2016/05/Issues-Call-Out-Labeled.jpg)

We’ve also spaced out the sort and selection options above your fact workspace.

Shift to the Left

The toolbar above your workspace that tells you how many issues, sources, tags, contributors and facts you have has shifted a bit to the left. It hasn’t left the neighborhood though. The menu to edit, hide or delete a fact has also moved from the bottom of your selected fact to the leftmost side. ![The new fact options menu](/content/images/2016/05/Shift-Left-Labeled.jpg)

We're excited to have you with us as we move to the next chapter in legal storytelling. As always, send along any thoughts and questions to john@getfactbox.com.