Change of (Payment) Plans

Simplified Pricing Plans

Litigators have too many things clamoring for their limited hours. FactBox exists to save time for our customers, so we try to ensure everything we do arcs towards excellence and simplicity.

Starting next week, we're simplifying our pricing plans for new firms and contributors. (Current customers won't be adversely affected). Our existing pricing tiers are being discontinued. In their place, we'll bill a flat rate of $45/month for every new Contributor ($38/month with our annual prepayment discount).

Our new pricing option

Over the last year, several of our customers have spent valuable time asking us how adding colleagues would affect their billing. This billing change eliminates the uncertainty and lets you get back to the stories of your cases.

Effect on Firms

This bears repeating: If you have an existing FactBox subscription, this change won't increase your subscription rates anytime soon. We'll bill you at whichever is cheaper between our new plan and the plan you chose when you signed up.

We recommend taking a look at your Contributor's List and having the person with the Admin designation clear out any inactive users. Doing so before the switch will help us do what's best for you. (Not sure what we mean? Take a look at our previous post on Member Roles).

After Friday, March 18th, new contributors added to your firm will be billed at the new rate. Contributors added before then will receive the same effective per-user rate. If you’re planning to scale up your firm's use of FactBox, upgrade your plan before the 18th to secure the best pricing for your firm. We’ll adjust to whatever is least expensive for you.

Getting the Old Plans

If you don't currently have a FactBox subscription and prefer our old plans, you can lock in those rates by adding a subscription before March 18th. The outgoing pricing plans are in the image below.
Our outgoing pricing tiers
Any questions or concerns? Want help choosing the best plan for your firm? Just send an email to