New People Feature on FactBox; Perfect for Witness Prep

We are ecstatic to announce the new People feature on FactBox. Now you can easily connect the key people in your cases to important facts, issues and documents. Here are a few ways to add the People feature in your cases:

To create a new person:

  1. Go to Sources in the upper tab or in the Add Fact window.
  2. Click on New Person.
  3. Fill out the relevant information such as name, role in the case and known contact information.

Like this:

To connect a person to a Fact, Issue or Document:

  1. When adding a new Fact in a case, click on the Sources tab.
  2. Choose the relevant person's name or add a New Person.
  3. That person is now associated with the Fact for later viewing.

Like this:

To generate a witness list:

  1. In the left panel, choose View By Sources.
  2. Select None, then the People category to view only the relevant people in the case.
  3. Click on Generate Outline below the list. This will create a Word document with the witness names, roles and contact information.

Like this:

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