Results of the FactBox Lost Billing Survey

Client-related hours not getting billed?

In March 2015, we conducted an email survey of litigators in 50 states practicing law in areas such as personal injury, criminal defense, bankruptcy, professional liability, real estate and contract disputes. We asked just one question:

How many client-related hours don't get billed each week?

The results were astonishing but perhaps not surprising:

According to the results of our one-question survey:

(1) 98% of litigators write off their time;

(2) 48% of litigators write off more than 5 hours a week of client-related billable time;

(3) 24% of litigators write off more than 10 hours a week in client-related billable time.

With the average billable rate at $284/hour for lawyers in the U.S., that means losses upward of $147,000 for many litigators.

Stay tuned for more one-question surveys brought to you by FactBox...

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