Fact Management + Public View = So That's What You Do!

Too often, litigation is thankless work. Gathering facts and tying them together is invisible to clients and they rarely understand where their billed hours go. We built FactBox to help litigators do more in less time, and we love anything that helps the public understand what goes into a successful case.

We're big fans of NPR's hit podcast, Serial. In Season 1, it captured the attention of the nation and tuned millions of minds in to the story of Adnan Syed, a man convicted of murdering his ex-girlfriend over 15 years ago. It's spawned communities of dedicated enthusiasts such as the Undisclosed Podcast and Truth and Justice, full of everyday people who dive into the facts to make sense of Adnan Syed's story.

Now, we've pulled that story and its facts into FactBox as our first-ever public case. Anyone interested in how to assemble a case can visit FactBox and look through the facts and evidence of Adnan's story. They'll also be able to apply FactBox's powerful filters and to analyze those facts and generate work product based on them.

We built FactBox to make fact management easier for litigators. If you tried FactBox without the time to build your own case, you can easily see how the power baked into FactBox can save you more time. If you want your friends or family members to have a robust understanding of what you do, they can take a walk in your shoes through one of the country's most popular cases.

Any questions? Drop us a note at info@getfactbox.com. Otherwise, dive into Adnan's case below!

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