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New FactBox and Clio Integration

We are ecstatic to announce that lawyers who manage their law practice with Clio can now integrate their case work directly in FactBox. Create an efficient and powerful litigation practice with the integration of FactBox and Clio. FactBox automatically syncs with Clio matters in three important ways: 1) All Matters… Read More

Connect your FactBox and Clio Accounts

Do you have an existing FactBox account and want to integrate it with Clio? Please follow these two additional steps -- before and after -- to make sure the integration goes smoothly: Before You Integrate: Rename your FactBox Cases IMPORTANT: PLEASE RE-NAME FACTBOX CASES TO THE NAME OF THE CORRESPONDING… Read More

Our Shiny New Chrome Extension

Add a Fact from Any Webpage We're building FactBox to track what you need to win your case, wherever you encounter it. Today, we're making it easier than ever to add facts from the web with our new Chrome App. The FactBox Chrome extension is a streamlined way to add… Read More

Unlock Your Facts with Keyword Filtering

Introducing Keyword Filtering Building a modern, useful product for litigators isn’t easy. We’ve got plenty of tools for the job, but our favorite is customer feedback. Everything we build emerges from conversations we have with litigators who want to manage their facts more effectively. Today, I’m thrilled… Read More

Spring Cleaning: A New Design for FactBox

What’s Happening To us, FactBox is a live product and we continually strive to improve how it works for you. Lately, we been especially focused on simplicity. The urge to simplify has touched everything we do: how new people learn to use FactBox, how our customers view and analyze… Read More

Making of a Public Case: Syed, FactBox and Syed's Lawyer

The Action What is a “public” FactBox case and why did we make one? We have videos, demos and sample cases available, but the true magic of FactBox happens when you see new revelations and connections from the facts in your case with the click of a button. Who knew… Read More

Fact Management + Public View = So That's What You Do!

Too often, litigation is thankless work. Gathering facts and tying them together is invisible to clients and they rarely understand where their billed hours go. We built FactBox to help litigators do more in less time, and we love anything that helps the public understand what goes into a successful… Read More

Fact Analysis: Now with Less Scrolling

We've made it even easier to find the right facts in your case by adding Collapsible Filter Items to the View By panel. Now you can collapse and expand items that are nested below one another. That means that if you want to select People when using the View By… Read More

Change of (Payment) Plans

Simplified Pricing Plans Litigators have too many things clamoring for their limited hours. FactBox exists to save time for our customers, so we try to ensure everything we do arcs towards excellence and simplicity. Starting next week, we're simplifying our pricing plans for new firms and contributors. (Current customers won't… Read More

ABA TECHSHOW: FactBox Showcased at Evolve Law Event 3/15

FactBox is honored to be included in the special Evolve Law event to coincide with the ABA TECHSHOW this year in Chicago: Legal Tech Innovators Showcase March 15 @ 4:30pm - 8:30pm Join us in this special pre-TECHSHOW event featuring thirty of the hottest new legal tech companies to… Read More

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